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"Tell me the past and Iíll see the truth." (Konfuzius)

1. Objectivity
The Market Research Team works neutral and objective in any respect. Our work is exclusively focused on the problem to solve.

2. Quality
The Market Research Team bets on the quality of its work:
  • development of comprehensible and precise questionnaires, focused on your needs
  • perfect carry out of the research
  • on-time presentation of needed information by professional planning and supervising all steps of an order
The factor of quality is given preference besides any other aspects. Providing and improving quality is a central obligation for all participants on all levels.

3. Economical aspects
The Market Research Team employs local Supervisors and minimizes management costs. We think of it as a matter of course to keep time and costs for market research in an economically reasonable relation to the use for our client and to the reliability of results.
Individual research results, combined with newest techniques and standardized processes, allow us to offer you an optimal performance at an outstanding price.

4. Flexibility

5. Anonymity of Questioned and Clients